Jikiden Reiki ( meaning "The Direct Teaching [of] Spiritual Energy")

                                           The Five Rules to Live By

                                      Kyo dake wa / Just for today
                                      Ika ru na / Do not be angry
                                   Shin pai suna / Do not worry
                                  Kan sha shite / Be thankful
                                Gyo-o hage me / Fulfill your duties
                       Hito ni shin setsu ni / Be kind toward others


A Brief Description:

• helps alleviate pain and regenerate
• a deep and effective relaxation method
• a good accompaniment for other med. Therapies
• the Universal energy can be felt and experienced through " hand-on" contact
• activation of self-healimg mechanisms
• dissolution of energy blockages






Reiki is translated in the western world as „universal life energy“. It was created by the founder Usui from the Japanese words rei ( Spirit, Soul) and Ki (life energy). Reiki designates thereby the treatment method and the technique, as well as the universal energy that is worked with and channeled.

Jikiden Reiki: A Specialty

Jikiden Reiki stands for the Reiki Teachings originating from the Japanese School. It is the original and authentic form of Reiki- unchanged by Western influences and other schools of thought since it’s creation. The Reiki method was originally developed in Japan through a spiritual Enlightenment by Mikao Usui between 1922-1926. The Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai, which is the authority from which I learned, was founded by Tadao Yamaguchi and his mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi. Together, they created the school for reiki in order to preserve the unaltered teachings from his mother, Chiyoko’s “Shihan”, Dr.med. C.Hayashi. The word Shihan is given to a person who may teach reiki. This is why Jikiden Reiki is through and through a Japanese form that is without alterations, changes and western influence. The basis for the reiki method is the application of the Reiki principles (Gokai) and the powerful channeling of the spiritual energy, that is magnified by the practitioners through their attunements (Reiju).

Mikao Usui


Mikao Usui



Dr.med. Hayashi


The positive results from Jikiden Reiki

The Reiki practitioner feels the problem areas of the body through the sensations felt in the hands (Byosen)- which determines the length of time and intensity of the session. Physical and psychological ailments then can be addressed and resolved by the toxins being released through the body. Reiki is not a miracle healing method. Instead, it is just a simple and natural way to help free yourself from problems and / or issues affecting your mind & body and therefore help you attain a happier life. Each illness and/ or vice can be addressed in conjunction with modern medicine. Reiki accompanies all forms of modern medical Reiki functions and works though without medicine and invasional therapy of the body, as well. The length of the treatment session plays a big role. Generally speaking, the longer the session- the better. The more energy that is channeled into you via the practitioner, the better the results.

How does Jikiden Reiki work?

If a live organism does not have enough energy to eliminate all the toxins and waste within it, it will send these residual toxins and waste to the weakest portions of your body, so that the body can continue functioning on some level. Reiki is a pure energy that then prompts the body to dissipate the toxins and waste from its affected regions.Reiki imparts the required amount of energy so that the body can function normally again. As already mentioned, in accompaniment to already commenced with therapies, Reiki can be very helpful. Reiki can help reduce the side effects of medicines by prompting the body to discharge naturally the residual toxins and waste in the body instead of holding onto it.

Jikiden Reiki – a quieting and yet, energising Effect
Those who have already started a particular form of therapy can effectively use Reiki as a support. Side effects of medication can be reduced or even prevented completely. This is because the toxins are eliminated by the body in a natural way. Reiki is also recommended before, during or after operations, as it can be used as an accompaniment and has an energizing effect. This has a positive effect on physical or psychological trauma.
People treated with Reiki are better able to respond to care and therapy. Also, communication with the team of therapists improves and less painkillers (even for the chronically ill) need to be used.
Please call and make an appointment to experience the feeling of Jikiden Reiki and what it can do for you!

I also am glad to offer mobile services with regard to Jikiden Reiki. Additional travel costs will be included into the total price. Jikiden Sessions are 60€/ hour. However, the first "get acquainted" session is free! For an appointment- call +49-1511/ 7318630 or write me an email at info@praxis-bruckmeier.de.



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