A Brief Description:

  • Born in Frankfurt am Main, grew up in the USA
  • 1992: Received B.S. in Psychology and Mathematics from the University of Houston, Texas, USA
  • 2009: Completed studies at the Institute for Body-oriented Psychotherapy (Heilakad)in Munich
  • 2012: Completed studies and training in Deep Memory Process© in the UK (DMP©) 
  • 2012: completed Shoden and Okuden for Jikiden Reiki in Munich under the authority of the Kenkyukai Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2019: Certificate for "Introduction to Somatic Experiencing©"
  • 2019: Certificate for "Treatment and management of the emotional roots of physical pain" (Somatic Experiencing©)


My name is Winfried Bruckmeier and I was born in Frankfurt am Main. My youth and young adulthood were spent in the United States. Since 1993, I have been residing mostly in or around Munich. Presently, my practice is located in Munich (see the Google icon to the right under Contact).

I always had a long standing interest in Psychology since my days at the University in Houston, Texas. There I earned a B. S. in Psychology, along with a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Houston in Texas. I, however, did not immediately pursue a further career in Psychology upon getting the degrees. Instead, I followed a path that took me into the IT world and engineering. This was the 1980s and an exciting time for technology.

A Step towards new adventures
Late in the year 1993, I decided to make a sudden change in my life and move back to Europe. For me, this was a step in the direction to adventure! In the year 2003, while in Munich, I came upon an institute for Body-oriented Psychotherapy. It sounded intriguing and reawakened my interest in Psychology.

From 2005 to 2009, I began studying at the institute for Body-oriented Psychotherapy under the direction of Waltraud Deiser. Over this period, we learned different body-oriented techniques within the framework of psychotherapy. We were also exposed to a variety of different therapies such as Art therapy, Breath Therapy by Middendorf, Dream Work, and Bioenergetics by A. Lowen

And keeping in line with the motto of the school: learning -by-doing, we were given a chance to undergo a "Learn-therapy" during our attendance and all of our instruction included actual hands-on experience in the different methods we were learning. It was a very enrichening experience and one that only fed my further interest in Psychology/ Psychotherapy and my goal to practice this form of Psychotherapy

A New Discovery: Deep Memory Process©
In 2009, I came upon another form of Therapy- and it was known as Deep Memory Process© out of the UK. It was a form of therapy that was created by the reknowned Jungian Analyst, Roger Woolger. Woolger created a method where he mixed various elements from Reich’s Bodywork, C.G. Jung’s active imagination and Moreno’s Psychodrama. A most interesting mix! From 2010-2012, I learned this method directly at Roger Woolger International Institute in the UK

Integrative Body-oriented Regression Therapy©
This method reaches deeply into your subconscious and helps a person understand what lies behind their patterns and motivations. I was and still am absolutely amazed with this method. In the summer of 2011, I started to first develop my own application to this method. While massaging a client, I approached certain areas of the body and applied varying amounts of pressure to see if any images or senses would appear as a result. And they did. After further work, these pains or body senses would be asked to find a voice. I found this method to be excellent methods to create a trigger point for the continued work I learned in the Deep Memory Process© and have labeled it as Integrative Body-oriented Regression Therapy©.

Expert Experience in English
By passing the state boards (Heilpraktikergesetz), I received permission to practice as a Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy and was able then to integrate the aforementioned methods in my practice.

With my background from the United States and extensive experience in the UK, I wish to make my services also available to those that cannot speak German and would need such services that I offer here in Munich in English. That can apply to couples, who use English as a common language or to just individuals.

So- just call for an appointment: +49-151-17318630! The first "getting acquainted" appointment is naturally free of charge.

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