Until you make the unconscious conscious,the unconscious will direct your life and you will call it destiny."

       C.G. Jung

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                                          Welcome to Heilpraxis Bruckmeier!!! 

Body, Soul and Spirit should ideally be in tune with each other. When this occurs, we are happier and healthier. At my practice, Heilpraxis Bruckmeier in Munich, I use a combination of different methods to help a person attain this goal. Via these methods, you will be able to understand yourself better, change old harmful patterns and alleviate insecurity. The powerful and positive result : New, fresh energy for your daily life! Through Rogers Conversational Therapy, Body/Breath Exercises, and active physical expressions of your soul and spirit, we will make new discoveries about yourself that will enrich your life! 

   I can help you with the following Goals/ Themes:  
  • Self-Exploration and Discovery
  • Free yourself from Fear, i.e. General Fear Attacks or Panic Attacks
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Processing and releasing Trauma/ Trauma Therapy
  • Overcoming Insecurity/ Life Challenges
  • Recognize old patterns and release them
  • Challenges in Relationships
  • Help alleviate Chronic Illnesses Symptoms and Pain
  • Address Sexual Issues and Challenges
  • Address „Coming-Out“ Issues with your own sexuality
  • Free yourself from Burn-Out 
  • Stress Reduction and Management
  • Victimization and Bullying
  • Grief Management
  • Overcome Sleep Disorders
  • Activating Your Self-Healing Abilities/ Strength
  • dissolution of energy blockages
  • Overcome Post-traumatic Stress

The above listed themes/ issues can be worked on via Life Coaching, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Integrative Body-Oriented Regression Therapy©, and/ or Jikiden Reiki.

The goal is set by you- I am your Therapist, Guide, Counselor, or your Life Coach. If you are at one with yourself, you are at one with all that is around you. Thereby, you can lead a fulfilled and conscious life. As a Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy, psychological counselor, Regression/ Trauma Therapist and Jikiden Reiki practitioner, I know where it counts and how I can help you. I am pleased to be able to offer you my services!

I am happy to offer you the options of Telefon or Skype/ Zoom** sessions or an appointment in the practice. In certain situations, I can even do a home* visit at your place of residence, if requested and conditions appropriate. Please contact me using the Contact form or call my Tel. No. 0049 (0)151/17318630, in order to arrange an appointment.

**Free Initial evaluation sessions are Only provided via Zoom/ Skype.

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