A Brief Description and Therapy Techniques offered:

  •     Bioenergetic Bodywork (A.Lowen)
  •     Breathwork (Middendorf)   
  •     Art Therapy
  •     Conversational/ Talk Therapy (Rogers)
  •     Dream Work (Imagination Therapy)
  •     Relaxation techniques incl. Meditation

To make an appointment, you can reach me at +49-(0)15117318630 or you can send me an email at info@praxis-bruckmeier.de.Appointments at your home, telephone sessions, and/ or Skype/ Zoom sessions are also possible. Sessions are 95€/ hour.


A high amount of expertise is one important quality that a therapist should have. The other is human understanding. Especially in the field of Psychotherapy, this is an indispensable quality in order to help those looking for help. And with this in mind, it is important that the human understanding has developed out of one’s own experiences. Putting these components together creates a whole and becomes essentially important in any successful therapy.

Directions for the path out of the Labyrinth

If someone speaks about “from experience”, they do that because they have “experienced” various things for themselves, or through other people or have already led other people through certain situations. As a result, I can say I can draw upon my many years of experiences with psychotherapy. Within this competency belongs the knowledge that one cannot project one's own path onto the individual but instead can provide clues, advice, and guidance as to how that individual can find their own path out of the Labyrinth of Helplessness and Powerlessness and Pain. This is the key to self-empowerment.

Crisis seen as an oppurtunity

And that is exactly my goal: to go together with you through this labyrinth and help you find the deeper part of yourselves. And that is by drawing on methods used in Body-oriented Psychotherapy and Life Coaching. Both can be helpful in getting a person out of their “crisis”, whether the crisis is experienced in their work environment, their relationships, and/ or home life. Most often, a crisis will affect many levels of one’s life and not just one realm- that is why it can appear to be so overwhelming when one is experiencing it. But by looking at the crisis together, we can identify old patterns and change them, fears can be overcome. There is a saying in German, “The crisis for the egg is the big opportunity for the little chick”. This saying really exemplifies how we can find in every problem, difficulty, or encumbrance an opportunity to grow. Once one realizes this, the crisis will lose its power over you and you will feel more capable to handle the situation. It is an opportunity to discover more about yourself and the world around you. What began as something to fear can become viewed as a chance to broaden your horizons.

The tools we use to reach your goal

Through a combination of my professional expertise, interpersonal skills and personal experiences, I will offer you the tools needed to reach your goal. These tools are used in the framework of Conversational Therapy, Dream Analysis, Breath work (Middendorf style), Art Therapy, and bioenergetics ( according to A.Lowen). By using these methods, you will be able to unfold and discover yourself. The way towards your deepest part of yourself is through the body! By feeling, acknowledging what you feel, and integrating your experiences, you will reach your goal. You will reveal to me your issues and concerns; we will discuss them and then work on them together.

To make an appointment, you can reach me at +49-(0)15117318630 or you can send me an email at info@praxis-bruckmeier.de.Appointments via Skype/ Zoom sessions are also possible. Sessions are 80€/ hour per Skype/ Zoom and if conducted in the practice in Munich, 95€/ hour.

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