Do you want to know the mysteries of life and death? Then get to know the strength of your spirit. Open Your eyes for that which is inside you. The key is within you.

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Brief Desciption – What is IBR©:©:

  • A regression carried out in a fully conscious state- no hypnosis!
  • Properties from C.G. Jungs active imagination, Moreno's Psychodrama, Reichian and holistic bodywork, and some shamanic methods; developed out of Roger Woolger’s “Deep Memory Process”
  • Ideal for working on Trauma in order to release unresolved impulses 
  • Designed to identify and change old, unhealthy patterns in life
  • Brings Body, Mind, and Soul in balance with each other

IBR sessions are 95€ per hour and usually last 2 hours.


This revolutionary and unique type of Regression Therapy, also commonly called Past Life Therapy, has it's roots in what is known as Deep Memory Process©, a method founded by Roger Woolger. For more information on Deep Memory Process©, you can visit: .

As with DMP©, Integrative Body-oriented Regression Therapy (IBR)© draws on elements from C.G. Jung's active imagination, Wilhelm Reich's Bodywork, Moreno's Psychodrama, Transpersonal Psychology and up to and including some elements of shamanic practices. These elements overlap and are mixed within the framework of IBR©. I have also incorporated some elements of holistic massage techniques and Jikiden Reiki to the session, whenever appropriate.

Through these aforementioned methodologies, one makes a connection between the Emotional level of the Psyche, and the realization and active perception of one's body. IBR© transforms the Body, Spirit, Emotions, and your soul equally and empowers the person to bring forth into one's conscious mind, psychic splits, old wounds, and burdening traumatic events and transform them.

The discovery of submerged burdening experiences in this life is possible when the cross-connection to our soul in a past life is made. Through the awareness of these resonances, one can discover negative and/ or destructive behavior patterns, acknowledge and integrate this experience, and enrich our life and development as a growing individual. Here it is important to note that it is not important if you do not believe in past lives or reincarnation. Past lives are just the vehicle that we use to access your subconscious. You are left to decide whether the past life was real for you or not. And as stated, it is the resonance with this life that is important.

This experience all helps one understand oneself and the underlying motivations to one's actions. For example, it can be very instrumental in addressing fears and understanding the underlying reason behind the fears that have developed. You can address and begin healing these fears on a more conscious level.

With respect to pain, specifically chronic pain, we can explore the issues and possible complexes that are behind the pain. All chronic physical ailments have a psychological component to address and this method can be helpful in that exploration and help promote and support the healing process. Because all subconscious complexes and trauma reside somewhere in the body, I have used some holistic massage methods, along with elements of Jikiden Reiki and incorporated them into the DMP© process and thereby giving birth to what I have come to call Integrative Body-oriented Regression Therapy© .

What is an IBR© sessionlike to experience?
How does the IBR Session unfold and occur? What should I expect? Yes, it is a little difficult to imagine when you have never experienced a session before. The session is somewhat comparable to hypnosis- however, the client is always aware of what is going on around them and always fully conscious- best described as being in a light trance with your eyes closed and guided by me throughout the session.

An Example of the Procedure
The therapist interviews the client and through the ensuing exploratory discussion, recurring themes, trigger phrases, physical complaints/ clues will be revealed by the client and mirrored back to the client. At this point, it might also be required to use holistic massage techniques to help find the trigger, if the person is unable to formulate their issue but feels it in their body. Depending on the reaction of the client and the depth of which they can make a connection of what they have said or felt to an image in their mind, the client will then be asked to lie down, close their eyes and go into that image. 

Creating new Life Energy and Self-Healing
The client will be asked, for instance, to go back to a point in time in this life or in a past life where they have felt that emotion attached to the identified trigger statement or feeling in their body. The client will be guided by me through the life and the story that is brought forth and the life will be psycho-dramatically re-enacted. Trauma is brought from the sub-conscience into the conscious level of the mind and can be “relived”. Herewith, the client will be given the tools to fight off and/ or defend themselves- empowering them to find the strength to heal themselves. It is here where unresolved impulses that reside in the body are acted out and set free. This healing occurs at emotional, mental, somatic, and spiritual levels, thus enabling the client to heal comprehensively and acknowledge on all levels that the trauma is over.

This therapy requires a lot of body awareness and it is not suggested as an introductory level form of therapy for those that have done no body work whatsoever. Persons interested in experiencing this method must first undergo an interview to determine your body consciousness. It can be that some sessions of body-oriented psychotherapy with me are initially required before commencing with this form of therapy.

IBR sessions are 95€/ hour . The sessions usually require 2 hours of time. The first "get acquainted" session via Skype/ Zoom is free!! Just fill out the Contact form or call me at +49-(0)151/17318630 to make an appointment.

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