"Soul Energy Cards©" is my term for a type of collage cards and they are a wonderful tool for self discovery and reorientation. Well suited for beginners, but also for experienced self-discoverers. I have often recommended this method to my clients as integration work. The cards are designed by you and you can go as deep into your self as you want with these cards.

Collages are an ancient art medium for therapy and can be used as an active expression of your psyche. However, these cards can express more than just your feelings. They can also represent a snapshot of your life. This can be extremely helpful when you want to look back and see how you have evolved over time.

Here you will find some "Soul Energy Cards©" as an example to view. If the card appeals to you, think about what meaning the card could have for you. And be aware: This is your interpretation. Your interpretation - and what it could mean for you is helped by saying the following when looking at the card: „I am one who.....“ . You can carry this a step further and append the interpretation to one of your archetypes that help make up who you are and influences your life.

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